Safe life with BioKryo

BioKryo combines newest Fraunhofer-Cryostorage-Technology with over ten-year experience in cryopreservation and the shipment of cells, tissue and DNA. As a Biobank, BioKryo connects innovative standards for longtime storage with trend-setting solutions as well as adequate service and consulting. BioKryo possesses a manufacturing authorization for the storage of therapeutic samples according to the German Law of Drugs.BioKryo is a member of the Alliance of German Cryobanks and meets all requirements for offering sustainable and safe storage of your samples.

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Biobanking Services

  • Storage of cryopreserved cell collections
  • Storage of human cells according to §20c AMG (German Law of Drugs, manufacturing authorization holder)
  • Storage of infectious cells up to biosafety level II (BioStV, GenTG)
  • Optimization of preservation protocols
  • Back-up of existing biobanks
  • Global logistic services
  • Consulting and support for design, setup and operation of cryobanks



BioKryo GmbH

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D-66280 Sulzbach/Saar


Tel.: +49/6897/952 86 96

Fax: +49/6897/952 86 98