Cell and Co

Cell&Co places its expertise and knowledge of the sector at your disposal, at each stage of the process. Our four services mean that you can be sure
of the quality of your samples throughout their life cycle and of the continuity of your research and your infrastructure.

Cell&Co Biorepository provides secure, high-quality, confidential storage of your samples and also takes care of their transportation, maintaining the cold chain and compliance with pharmaceutical quality standards throughout. We are the only company specialized in this activity in France and offer
you a complete one-stop-shop solution for managing your biological and clinical samples.

Adress FRANCE :
ZAC de Champ Lamet, Rue de Chambussière
63430 Pont du Château FRANCE

Adress USA :
4901 West Grace Street
Tampa, FL 33607

Tel. : +33 (0)4 44 44 98 23
E-mail: contact@cell-and-co.com
Website: www.cell-and-co.com

GPS coordinates FRANCE :
45° 47′ 4.51″ N / 3° 13′ 14.13″ E